Keystone Elementary School
Knox, PA 16232

Faculty and Staff

Mr. Michael McCormick, Principal
814-797-1251 ext. 1130

Mrs. Kaylan Blair, Supervisor of Special Education
814-797-1251 ext. 1121

Mrs. Autumn Marshall, Guidance Counselor
814-797-1251 ext. 1122

Mrs. Jennifer Wingard, Guidance Counselor (Grades 6-8)
814-797-1251 ext. 1134

Mrs. Petula King, School Nurse
814-797-1261 ext. 2121

Mrs. Dawn Keighley, Health Aide
814-797-1251, ext. 1133

Mrs. Jennifer Mauk, Food Service Director
814-797-1251, ext. 1127


Mrs. Jody Frazier
814-797-1251, ext. 1130

Mrs. Kim O'Neil
814-797-1251 ext. 1100

Mrs. Betty Servey
814-797-1251 ext. 1124


Miss Erin Neely Learning Support erinneely[at]
Mr. Jason Best Grade 6 jbest[at]
Mr. Tom Bowser Instrumental Music tbowser[at]
Mrs. Suzanne Buckley Grade 1 sbuckley[at]
Mr. Matt Clark Learning Support mclark[at]
Mrs. Michele Clover Grade 6 mclover[at]
Mrs. Vicki Cotton Grade 5 vcotton[at]
Mrs. Nancy Daum Grade 1 ndaum[at]
Mrs. Kim Davis Grade 2 kdavis[at]
Mrs. Debra Filson Grade 3 dfilson[at]
Mrs. Jenna Fink Kindergarten jfink[at]
Mrs. Brandi Fisher Grade 4 bfisher[at]
Mrs. Nicole Gorog Gifted/Learning Support ngorog[at]
Mrs. Tricia Hepler Kindergarten thepler[at]
Mrs. Kendall Hickman Title I/Lang. Arts khickman[at]
Mrs. Laura Hogue Title I/Lang. Arts lhogue[at]
Mrs. Amber Hubler Learning Support ahubler[at]
Ms. Barbara Hurst Grade 2 bhurst[at]
Mrs. Amy Kapp Grade 5 akapp[at]
Mrs. Robin Kerle Speech rkerle[at]
Mrs. Amanda Kline Grade 5 akline[at]
Ms. Chelsea Mesisca Grade 6 cmesisca[at]
Mrs. Amber Miller Library Media Specialist amiller[at]
Mrs. Barbra Milliron Vocal Music bmilliron[at]
Mr. Jason Nellis Physical Education jnellis[at]
Mrs. Amanda Phillips Grade 1 aphillips[at]
Mrs. Jennifer Potter Grade 3 jpotter[at]
Mrs. Amy Goldthwaite Learning Support agoldthwaite[at]
Mrs. Brynn Space Renninger Art bspace[at]
Mrs. Kim Riley Kindergarten kriley[at]
Mrs. Melanie Rodgers Grade 4 mrodgers[at]
Mrs. Catherine Schoeppner Grade 6 cschoeppner[at]
Mrs. Susan Shaner Grade 2 sshaner[at]
Mr. Ryan Smith Computer Tech rsmith[at]
Mrs. Nicole Crissman Grade 4 ncrissman[at]
Mrs. Samantha Toy Speech stoy[at]
Mr. Tim Zerbe Grade 3 tzerbe[at]


Mrs. Courtney Colwell    
Mrs. Michelle Henry    
Mrs. Theresa Hurrelbrink    
Mrs. Shelly Parkes    
Mrs. Sarah Say    
Mrs. Wanda Wade    
Mrs. Jamie Weeter    
Mrs. Sonya Weaver    
Erik Dowlan
814-797-1251 Ext. 1126
Stacy Hollis
Judy McCleary
Kay Metts
Marti Wise

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