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Keystone Elementary Links

Acceptable Use Policy for Technology

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Accelerated Reader Book Finder

Library Catalog (Do a search for books in the Keystone Elementary library.)

Student Portal (Check your grades here!)




Fun and Games

ABCya! is a leader in free & exciting computer activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All educational computer games and activities were created or approved by certified teachers!

Visit this site with links to thousands of educational games and activities. This is "the site that swims with learning fun!"

Songs, games, and stories for ages 3-7. Free registration required.

Funology--The Science of Having Fun!

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Homework Help


FactMonster Homework Center

Kid Info

Multnomah County Library Homework Center

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IXL Math Practice

Timez Attack
Have fun with this multiplication game!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

A Maths Dictionary for Kids
The Maths Dictionary is animated, interactive, and allows you to practice your math skills. Over 500 terms are explained in simple language.

AAA Math

A+ Math
Try the math games at this site to improve math skills. Students can use the Homework Helper to check their work.

FunBrain Math Games
Pick a game and test your skills. Try Soccer Shootout and Fresh Baked Fractions. Operation Order uses algebra to build a pyramid, and a correct answer in Change Maker adds money to your piggy bank.

Musical Multiplication

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More Cool Stuff!

State Assessment Practice Resources
Activities to help you practice your skills!

How Stuff Works Express
This free online magazine is for grades 4 through 8. "The idea behind How Stuff Works Express is to bring the interesting, fun, educational articles and ideas of the How Stuff Works Web site right onto each student's desk. The magazine is full color and 24 pages long, and it has a companion Web site that lets students dig even deeper."

National Geographic for Kids
Features on this online magazine include Amazing Animals, Wild and Wacky, What in the World?, World News, and a daily Fun Fact.

Smithsonian Institution for Students

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Creative Commons Search

Copyright-friendly Media
Links to copyright-friendly images, music, sounds, videos, etc.


Photos for Class (Creative Commons licensed images; photos have attribution information on them when downloaded.)

Pixabay (Public domain pictures; no attribution required!)


Purple Planet

Free Music Archive


Moving Image Archive

Public Domain Review

National Park Service B-Roll Video


Reading and Language Arts


Use professional artwork and add your words to create beautiful stories.

Little Bird Tales
School Code:  1251
Write and narrate stories and illustrate with your own artwork that you can create on the site, with digital pictures, or with your drawings that you scan and upload.

Spelling Time
Type in your own spelling list on Monday and practice your words all week with different activities. This site requires a high-speed Internet connection.

Scholastic's "Flashlight Readers" Club
An online reading club for kids who love to read!
You must register for a code to use some features.
Check with Mom or Dad first.

One Hundred Favorite Children's Books
Check out the New York Public Library's list of children's 100 favorite books.

Children's Books Online

Use the above URL to access online stories writ-
ten for primary-aged children, for reading practice.

Ten Little Snowmen
Early elementary students will be building and dressing
their own snowman as they learn to read the phonemes in
this online story.

Starfall--Learn to Read

It's Fun To Read
Click All About Me for some interactive reading about Who Am I? What Is My Pet? And Where Do I Sleep? Have some fun with Bird Riddles and Tongue Twisters. (primary)

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Reference Tools

RhymeZone: Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus
A useful site where students can put in a word a get a list of rhyming words, as well as synonyms, antonyms, related words, quotes that contain the word, and much more

Internet Picture Dictionary
This dictionary is for beginning readers. You may also like to use this dictionary to see Spanish, French, German, or Italian words!

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Research Tools

Search Engines for Kids

Easy Bib
An easy way to cite your sources of information when researching.

Fact Monster Online Almanac

Big 6 Assignment Organizer (Grades 3-6)
Big 6 Assignment Organizer for Grades

Critical Evaluation of Web Sites (elementary)
Print this form and use it to decide if a web site is a good source of information.

Power Library (Knox Public Library--to use at home)
If you have a public library card, you can use Power Library from home! Go to the Knox Public Library web site, click on the Access Power Library icon, and type in the bar code numbers from your library card.

Power Library (to use at school)

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Science and Health

The experiMENTALS

This is a great science site that makes science fun and interesting! (To watch the videos, choose to "change player settings" to choose Windows media player and an appropriate Internet speed.)

Kids Club (from NASA)
Grades K-4
This new site from NASA offers games about exploring space, launching rockets, how a comet travels through the Solar System, and more!

Smithsonian National Zoological Park (The National Zoo)
You will find many things to explore at the National Zoo's site. By choosing a habitat under "Animals, etc." you can learn about the major animals found there. Maybe you'll even catch your favorite animal on a webcam.

Science Buddies (Science Fair ideas)

All Science Fair Projects

Science News for Kids

Funderstanding Roller Coaster
Another cool site for designing roller coasters!


Science Vocabulary Hangman

The Science Game: Who Wants To Win a Million Dollars?
Jefferson Labs has created a fun way to test students' knowledge of math and science. Choose the answer from a multiple-choice selection and win (fake) cash!

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Search Engines for Kids

Sweet Search

Kid Rex

Kidspace @ The Internet Public Library
Another excellent site for researching!


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Social Studies

The Constitution for Kids

America's Story (Library of Congress)
America's Story from "America's Library" wants you to have fun with
history while learning. Using a story-like format, you will be taken
back in time and shown things you never heard or saw before. Consisting
mostly of primary source materials, there are letters, diaries, records,
tapes, films, sheet music, maps, prints, photographs and digital
materials. Many of these materials are found only in the collections of
the Library of Congress. Examples of content include: what Abraham
Lincoln had in his pockets on the night he was assassinated; stories
about Buffalo Bill Cody and his "Wild West" show; the heroism of Harriet
Tubman; the music of jazz great Duke Ellington; inventions of Thomas
Edison; film of an early break-dancer from 1898; and more. This Web site
is brought to you from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Explore the Pyramids
What can be more fascinating than exploring the mystery
and ruins of Ancient Egypt? National Geographic offers
this online activity to learn about the pyramids--who
built them and how? Who were these kings? Step inside
the Pyramid of Djoser, the Maidum Pyramid, the Bent and
Red Pyramids of Snefru, or the Great Pyramid for an in-
teractive reconstruction, map, and timeline in this won-
derful online journey.

Geography Quizzes
Scroll down the list and check your knowledge of Places in the News, Country Capitals, Historical Geography, and Rivers and Lakes.

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