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The Kindersite is a free resource for all with 1,000s of links to graded content suitable for 2 to 6 year olds. The site is already being used as a resource by educationalists in about 95 countries. One hundred ninety participating schools in 31 countries are listed on the site.

Language Arts

ReadWriteThink, established in April of 2002, is a partnership between the International Reading Association (IRA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and the MarcoPolo Education Foundation. NCTE and IRA are working together to provide educators and students with access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction through free, Internet-based content.

Get Ready to Read!
A national campaign to build the early literacy skills of preschool children. The program brings research-based strategies to parents and early education and child care providers for helping prepare children to learn to read and write. Our goal is to ensure that all children have opportunities to become successful readers.

Our innovative teachers@random Web site features many teaching tools and classroom activities including title-specific teacher's guides developed by leading educators as well as author and illustrator biographies with exclusive interviews and full-color photographs.

Interactive Reading Practice
Watch the movie, practice consonant blends and digraphs,
learn the word family, and more with this online, inter-
active reading resource for primary grades. Use the 2nd
URL above to download print materials related to the books,
including the book itself, writing journals, and bookmarks.

Children's Books Online

Learn to Read Stories Online
A selection of fifteen interactive stories for grades
K through 2 is available here, with appropriate themes
to meet students' interest levels and focusing on dif-
ferent vowels and consonant blends. Music and phonics
rules introduce the story, then students will click to
read by themselves. At any time during the story they
can create their own "photograph" by clicking on the
camera. Learning games are included with each of the

Reading Clinic
To help address the needs of every student in your primary reading classroom, this clinic offers strategies in book selection, prediction, visualization, and more. Teacher record sheets are included, along with read-aloud resources.

Reading Rockets
Information about teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle.

It's Fun To Read
Click All About Me for some interactive reading about Who Am I? What Is My Pet? And Where Do I Sleep? Have some fun with Bird Riddles and Tongue Twisters. (primary)

Reading Comprehension
These stories and follow-up questions teach main idea, inference, and word meanings from context. (intermediate)

The Reading Zone (For ELL Students)
The glasses icon indicates easy, intermediate, and advanced reading comprehension activities available to guests. Use the Dolch Word List, or try Reading a Map, Candy Labels, Reading Envelopes, Learn About Dolphins, Aesop's Fables, and U.S. Presidents Chart Study.


A+ Math
Try the math games at this site to improve math skills. Students can use the Homework Helper to check their work.

Count Us In
These primary math games include several on counting, patterns, sorting and grouping, length, and volume.

FunBrain Math Games
Pick a game and test your skills. Try Soccer Shootout and Fresh Baked Fractions. Operation Order uses algebra to build a pyramid, and a correct answer in Change Maker adds money to your piggy bank.

Flashcard Creator

Problem-Solving Worksheets
Several pages of downloads will help your students to
practice word problems and problem solving skills with

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Earth Floor: Biomes
Virtual tour of a tropical rain forest, tropical savannah, mid-
latitude deciduous forest, desert, subarctic taiga and polar tundra.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide
It's around the corner, coming up sooner than you think...
And to help you get your students or class off to a great
start this year, here is the wunder-board of all science
fair resources, with tips, projects, processes, methods--
all collected in one spot.

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Social Studies

Quick World Maps
If you are looking for world maps, country maps, popula-
tion maps, coloring maps, country flags, etc., then this
is the place. This site offers a huge resource of all types
of assorted mapping and learning tools for classroom use.

Explore the Pyramids

What can be more fascinating than exploring the mystery and ruins of Ancient Egypt? National Geographic offers this online activity to learn about the pyramids--who built them and how? Who were these kings? Step inside the Pyramid of Djoser, the Maidum Pyramid, the Bent and Red Pyramids of Snefru, or the Great Pyramid for an interactive reconstruction, map, and timeline in this wonderful online journey.

States Web Games
Learn the locations, capitals, abbreviations and over 500 important facts about the United States. Try to drag each state to its location on the map; enter the postal abbreviation for each state; click on the correct state for each capital; and pick the state that goes with the clue, by region.

Geography Quizzes
Scroll down the list and check your knowledge of Places in the News, Country Capitals, Historical Geography, and Rivers and Lakes.

Visible Earth
Explore this NASA Web site to view amazing satellite images of earth.

Perry Castaņeda Library Map Collection
View maps of countries, states, oceans, or national parks! Access world maps, city maps, and historical maps.

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