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Create the Future by Leaving a Legacy . . .
The Keystone School District Education Foundation is happy to announce the following Teacher Mini-Grant recipients:
Fall 2015
Keystone High School
Fred Carrow and Tami Winters--Poster Project--wide-format printer and accessories for printing posters, etc.
Fall 2014
Keystone Elementary School
Vicki Cotton--iPads in 5th Grade Math

Keystone High School
Marlene Weaver--Personal Finance Simulation
Jennifer Wingard--Summer STEM Camp
Spring 2014
Keystone Elementary School
Vicky Campbell--iPad Minis and accessories for incorporating technology into writing in Kindergarten
Jenna Fink--iPad Minis and accessories for incorporating technology into writing in Kindergarten
Fall 2013
Keystone Elementary School
Amy Kapp--iPad Minis for Book Trailer project
Amber Miller--iPad Minis for Book Trailer project

Keystone High School
Fred Carrow--Smartboard system for Art projects and instruction
Spring 2013
Keystone Elementary School
Suzanne Buckley--iPad Minis for "Daily 5" literacy instruction
Nancy Daum--Smart Document Camera for literacy instruction
Debra Hoffman--iPad Minis and projection system for "Citizen Scientists:  Monarch Watch" science project
Fall 2012
Keystone Elementary School
Amanda Kline--iPad Minis and projection system for 5th grade Civil War project
Kim Riley--Smartboard system for Kindergarten technology integration
Brynn Space--iPads and projection system for Art in the 21st Century project
Erin Zacherl--iPad Minis for Kindergarten technology integration

Keystone High School
Sandi McElravy & Tami Winters--iPads for Shakespeare project
Kelli McNaughton--iPad Minis for special needs students
Lauren Tharan--Smart Response receivers for special needs students
Fall 2011
Keystone Elementary School
Nancy Daum--Smartboard system for Kindergarten technology integration
Ryan Smith--iPads for special needs students
Erin Zacherl--Document camera for Kindergarten technology integration

Keystone High School
Kelli McNaughton--Kindles for special needs students
Jessica Resig--iPads for speech communications class
Spring 2011
Keystone High School
Sharon Geary--Nooks and Kindles for library
Kevin Craig, Terrie Fink, Brigette Irwin, Mark Whisner--Wii Fitness for physical education classes
Fall 2010
Keystone Elementary School
Vicki Cotton--ceiling-mounted multimedia projector and online subscription (Iditarod project)
Kapp--Flip video cameras and video editing software (Civil War video project)

Keystone High School
Alison Albright--graphing calculators for Chemistry classes
Brigette Irwin and Greg Heath--GPS devices (geocaching projects)
Rob Simmons--welder (extension of trailer project)

Spring 2010

Keystone Elementary School
Suzanne Buckley--document camera

Keystone High School and Keystone Elementary School
Alisha Hall and Jerry Rembold--Smart Music: Smartboard, laptop, software

Fall 2009

Keystone Elementary School
Susan Shaner--Smartboard and projector
Erin Zacherl--6 netbooks with Office 2007 licenses, wireless access point

Keystone High School
Rob Simmons--plasma cutter

Spring 2009

L to R:  Dr. Gool, Mrs. Buckley, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Corcetti
Keystone Elementary School
Suzanne Buckley and  Vicky Campbell-- Smartboards and projectors for their classrooms!

L to R:  Mr. Nesta, Mr. Sundling, Dr. Gool, Miss Hall
Keystone High School
Erik Sundling, Fran Nesta, Alisha Hall--an electronic piano and other supplies. Dr. Gool, Superintendent, awarded the grant.

Fall 2008

Keystone Elementary School
Catherine Schoeppner and Erin Zacherl--Smartboards and projectors

Keystone High School
Rob Simmons--materials for building a teardrop-style camper as a student project

Spring 2008


Keystone High School (left)
Bill Irwin, Erik Sundling, Tami Winters, Fred Carrow--Computer, software, and equipment for producing videos.

Keystone Elementary School
Janis Cicero, Pam Ferringer, Linda Smith--Multimedia projector, document camera, and materials for interactive math activities

Fall 2007

Keystone Elementary School (left)
Barb Hurst and Brandi Ritts--K'Nex Project; Paulette Colantonio--data projector; Melanie Finotti--Palm Pilot and assessment software. Also pictured, John Mason, Foundation president and Shawn Corcetti, elementary principal

Keystone High School (right)
Matt Baker--digital video cameras; Bobbie Heller and Marianne Keck--TI-CBR 2 Systems (data collection devices) and TI-83 graphing calculators . Also pictured, Dr. Jean Atkin Gool, Keystone superintendent

Spring 2007

CarrowGoolWintersGrant.jpg (60772 bytes)

Pictured left:  Mrs. Campbell; Pictured right:  Mr. Carrow, Dr. Gool, Mrs. Winters

Keystone Elementary School--Vicky Campbell
Project:  Purchase a multimedia projector for interactive lessons integrating technology.

Keystone High School--Fred Carrow and Tami Winters
Project:  Purchase high-quality digital cameras for the Digital Photography classes.

Fall 2006

Foundation-grant-winners-We.jpg (32704 bytes)

MasonCraigGrant-Web.jpg (20345 bytes)

Pictured left: L. to R.: Mr. Mason, Mrs. Hurst, Ms. Ritts, Mrs. Corcetti; Pictured right: John Mason with Kevin Craig, KHS health and physical education teacher

Keystone Elementary School--Brandi Ritts and Barb Hurst
Project:  Purchase digiscopes (digital microscopes used with computers) for 2nd grade science investigations.

Keystone High School--Kevin Craig
Project:  Purchase a recumbent exercise bike and pulse monitors for the fitness center.

DigiscopesWeb.jpg (67995 bytes)

Second-grade students enjoy examining everyday objects under their digiscopes. The images are displayed on their computer screens. The digiscopes were purchased with funds from a Foundation mini-grant.  
Spring 2006

Photo 1.jpg (32808 bytes)

SmithGrantWeb.jpg (19559 bytes)

Pictured left: KHS librarian Sharon Radaker with John Mason, KSD Foundation Board of Directors; right: Mason with Linda Smith, KES business/technology teacher
Keystone Elementary--Linda Smith
Project:  Purchase software and other teaching materials for keyboarding instruction for primary students.

Keystone High School--Sharon Radaker
Project:  Junior high students will be involved in a digital storytelling unit. They will use digital video cameras and other supplies purchased with the grant funds.

Fall 2005

January 2006 Mini-grant Recipients

Pictured l. to r.: Shawn Corcetti, Keystone Elementary principal; John Mason, president, KSD Foundation Board of Directors; Suzanne Buckley and Steve Condon, 1st grade teachers; Jennifer Johnson, 7th grade English teacher; Vicky Walters, Keystone High School assistant principal.

Keystone Elementary--Suzanne Buckley and Steve Condon
Project:  Purchase a sound system for the stage area for first grade reader's theaters and other building activities

Keystone High School--Jennifer Johnson
Project:  Seventh grade Honors English students will produce magazines. Grant funds will purchase digital cameras, a printer, and supplies.

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