German Immigrants

By: Mary, Class of 2002

People immigrated to Clarion County from many places throughout the world.

They came here to work in a variety of areas such as gunsmithing, medicine, lumber, and oil. Many people who came to this area were German.

John Sherry was born in Clarion County in 1774. His family had immigrated here from Germany thirty-six years either and settled in Beaver Township. Sherry married a woman named Catherine and together they had five children, three sons and two daughters. Sherry was a gunsmith who was well known for making long rifles. He had a shop where he and his sons worked. There is a book that gives more details of his life, Long Rifles of Pennsylvania, by Russell Harriger.

Dr. Boniface Richter, MD. was born on November 30, 1820 in Baden, Germany. He was a member of the German Army in their war against Denmark. He also studied medicine. After immigrating to American in 1950 he set up a practice in New York for nine moths. In 1852 he settled in Clarion County and opened an office in Monroe. He skill and ability gained him a large practice. He ran the practice for fifty-two years and was very successful. He married Mary Ashbaugh and had nine children. He and his family lived in a log home in Monroe that was torn down for the building of Interstate 80.

Dr. Richter died on November 19, 1911. Dr Richter and his wife are buried in Monroe Cemetery.

In 1810 the family of Johnny Alt immigrated to this area from Germany. Johnny Alt had five brothers one of whom was named Charles whose family shared Johnny’s home. Alt homestead was near Wentling’s Corners and still stands today. Johnny married and started a store in Wentling’s Corners.

Many immigrants came to this area for many different reasons. Some came to have religious freedom, others to make a better life for them and their families. What ever the reason theses immigrants have helped shape the heritage of this region.

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John Sherry photo taken from Long Rifles of Pennsylvania

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Dr. Boneface Richter photo copied from Gary McKinney


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The home of Johnny and Charles Alt. Photo copied from Edna Mae Coulter


Longrifles of Pennsylvania, By Russell Harriger,  1984
A History of Wentling's Corners, Blair's Corners, and Monroe, Author Unknown, 1984

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