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Art and Digital Photography Projects

Leah's picture of wolves  
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Leah used graphite to create this detailed depiction of wolves, the animal the most dear to her heart.
claymation "Jimi Hendrix" at Woodstock Presley with Pegasus
After countless hours of toil and sweat, Johanna H. completed her version of Jimi Hendrix's performance at Woodstock in 1969. She used Play-Doh to create her most unique Claymation for a history assignment for Mr. Vaughn's class. Good job, Jo! Presley used his skills as a painter to do this beautiful oil painting of Pegasus.
Molly's brother "Imagine" by Jena
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Molly used Photoshop in Digital Photography class to create this interesting composition of her little brother Noah. She said she loves him dearly, but one of him is enough!
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Jena H. created this beautiful work of art, "Imagine," using prismacolor pencils and her boundless imagination.

Students in Mr. Carrow's Digital Photography class created these animations using Adobe ImageReady software. The assignment was to transform a famous image into animation.
Picture of flowers Mount Rushmore animation
By Allison W.
Vincent van Gogh's "Sunflowers"
Jolie shows how they keep the birds off of Mount Rushmore.
You may not want to play poker with Lauren W. after viewing her GIF animation. Lauren used Adobe ImageReady to complete this assignment for Digital Photography class. Lindsey G. used ImageReady animation to show how the copper of the Statue of Liberty oxidized and turned green from Abe Lincoln sneezing on it.
Animation by Desiree Gif of Musical
Desiree R. brought Georges Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon" to life with her GIF animation Mr. Carrow created this animation from a picture he took during rehearsal for the musical.

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