Cry Baby Cemetery

Submitted by Judy Shreffler’s class

Cornerstone Christian Academy

There is an old folk tale about a local cemetery, called Cry Baby Cemetery, located one mile north of Monroe, PA.

It has been passed around by farmers in the area, but as for how truthful it is, leaves much to the imagination. The story has been told that during the early 1900’s a devastating fever struck the area, leaving many families suffering from severe illness and eventual death. The hardest hit were the old people and the small children. One family suffered a great deal when their infant twins were taken by the fever. Through some mix up, the twins were buried in separate graves, each at opposite ends of the cemetery.

It is told that on the 31st of October when the moon is full, the two babies cry out for each other.

This we know cannot be true, but it allowed for an interesting tale to be told around the camp fire on a fall evening when the bare limbs of the trees gently blew in the wind and the branches were silhouetted against the moonlit sky or when children were restless in their beds and parents would tell this tale to give their imaginations something to work on in their dreams.