Internet-based Scavenger Hunt #1

From Pleasant Grove Elementary School 


Use the Internet resources listed with each question to track down some holiday traditions in countries around the world.  

Note:  Clicking on the Internet Links listed on this page will open a new browser window.  Once you have found the answer to your question, just close that window and you'll return to this page so you can read the next question.


  1. What kind of trees are decorated at Christmas time in India?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in India
  2. Christmas trees are not commonly used in Greece.  What is the main symbol of the season in most Greek homes?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Greece
  3. In the Netherlands, what do children leave in their shoes as a gift for Sinterklaas's horse?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in the Netherlands
  4. The Christmas season starts in Estonia with the lighting of _______________ candles.
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Estonia
  5. In rural areas of Jamaica, holiday celebrations include a ___________________, a form of parade and festivities brought from Africa.
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Jamaica
  6. On what date does Christmas begin in Sweden?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Sweden
  7. What is one of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments in Japan? 
    Internet Resource: 
    Christmas in Japan
  8. How do Venezuelans in the capital city of Caracas get to church services on Christmas Eve?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Venezuela
  9. What do Romanian children often do on Christmas night?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Romania
  10. What is the name of the special porridge eaten at Christmas Eve dinner in many homes in Russia?
    Internet Resource:   Christmas in Russia
  11. In Luxembourg, "Kleeschen" is another name for __________ who comes from the heavens to reward children who have been good.
    Internet Resource:   Christmas in Luxembourg
  12. On what day during the holiday season are gifts traditionally exchanged in Slovakia?
    Internet Resource: Slovaks and Christmas Traditions

  13. In Iceland, people celebrate 13 days of Christmas beginning on ______________ and ending on __________________.
    Internet Resource:   Christmas in Iceland
  14. What kind of fruit is often found in the stockings of children who live in the Canadian Prairies?
    Internet Resource: Canadian Christmas

  15. What is the main holiday decoration in most Mexican homes?
    Internet Resource:  Mexican Christmas Traditions

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