Internet-Based Scavenger Hunt # 2

From Pleasant Grove Elementary School


Use the Internet resources listed with each question to track down some holiday traditions in countries around the world.  If you'd like to use it, a copy of the questions is available for you to print and record your answers.

Note:  Clicking on the Internet Links listed on this page will open a new browser window.  Once you have found the answer to your question, just close that window and you'll return to this page so you can read the next question and find the link to the next resource.


  1. What is the shape of the popular buche de Noel cake made in France at Christmas time?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in France
  2. What are the most popular Christmas tree decorations in China?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in China
  3. Why are candles placed in the windows of Irish homes on Christmas Eve?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Ireland
  4. According to tradition in Belgium, how does St. Nicholas travel from house to house delivering gifts to children?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Belgium
  5. In Germany, the three Thursdays before Christmas are known as Knocking Nights.  What do children do on those nights?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Germany
  6. A popular Christmas tradition in Italy involves music played by zampognari.  What instrument do these musicians play?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Italy
  7. People in the Czech Republic believe that Christmas Eve has a certain magic.  What is it?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in the Czech Republic REPUBLIC
  8. In the Ukraine, who travels with Father Frost when he delivers gifts?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in the Ukraine
  9. In Austria, a bell is rung after Christmas Eve dinner to signal the opening of a locked door.  What are children permitted to see for the first time behind the locked door?
    Internet Resource:  Austria Holiday Traditions
  10. What two foods are distributed to the poor on Christmas Day by many people in Egypt?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Egypt
  11. Who delivers gifts at Christmas to Syrian children who have been good?
    Internet Resource:   Christmas in Syria
  12. In addition to Christmas trees, what other items are used to decorate churches in Kenya for Christmas?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas Traditions in Kenya
  13. What foods do families in Switzerland share after the traditional midnight mass?
    Internet Resource:  Swiss Christmas
  14. What do children do with their shoes in Spain on January 5?
    Internet Resource:  Spanish Christmas Traditions
  15. In Hungary, Christmas is celebrated twice.  What are the dates for these celebrations?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Hungary

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