Internet-Based Scavenger Hunt # 3

From Pleasant Grove Elementary School


Use the Internet resources listed with each question to track down some holiday traditions in countries around the world.  

Note:  Clicking on the Internet Links listed on this page will open a new browser window.  Once you have found the answer to your question, just close that window and you'll return to this page so you can read the next question and find the link to the next resource.


  1.  Why are bits of hay put underneath the tablecloth at the traditional Christmas meal in Poland?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Poland
  2. Who first brought the tradition of the Christmas tree to England?
    Internet Resource: Christmas in Britain
  3. What do families in Armenia do after attending Christmas Eve church service?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Armenia
  4. What decoration is usually put on the top of Christmas trees in the United States? 
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in the USA
  5. What is Christmas called in Zimbabwe?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Zimbabwe
  6. What is the name of the traditional pudding made in Scotland for Christmas?
    Internet Resource:  A Scottish Christmas
  7. Name two popular decorations for nativity scenes in Costa Rica.
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Costa Rica
  8. In small towns and villages of  New Zealand, how does Santa travel to visit children on Christmas morning?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in New Zealand
  9. Since the first and second world wars, turkey has been the popular choice for Christmas meals in Malta.  What bird was commonly used before the wars?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Malta
  10. On Christmas Day in Ecuador people who live in the mountains dress in their finest clothes and visit the ranches of their employers. What kind of animals do they ride there?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Ecuador
  11. By tradition, groups of children in Romania travel from house to house singing carols and reciting poetry during the Christmas season.  What does the leader of each group carry and how is it decorated?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Romania
  12. The dessert at a traditional Christmas feast in Denmark is a special rice pudding with something hidden in it.  What is hidden and brings good luck to the one who finds it?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Denmark
  13. What item do people carry as they enter the church for Christmas services in Ethiopia?
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Ethiopia
  14. The traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland consists of 12 dishes.  What do these 12 dishes represent?
    Internet Resource:  Polish Christmas Traditions
  15. A familiar tradition in Norway involves putting a bowl of rice pudding out for the barn elf.  Why is this done? 
    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Norway


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