2001 Technology Learning Challenge Fund (TLCF) Grant

Training Team
SuccessMaker Internet Software
Laptop Carts

The Keystone School District was awarded a $262,500 Technology Learning Challenge Fund (TLCF) grant in June 2001. 

Grant Goals:

  • To advance the achievement of middle school students in meeting or exceeding the state standards as demonstrated by a 12% increase in PSSA reading and math scores.
  • To increase the number of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students reading on or above grade level by 10%, as measured by the Stanford Achievement Tests.
  • To provide 20 hours of training in technology integration to 100% of the teaching staff.
  • To train a minimum of 200 parents and community members in Web use, instructional management software, and other computer applications.

Training Team
A training team made up of three sixth grade teachers, two seventh grade teachers, one eighth grade teacher, the elementary ed. tech. specialist, the high school ed. tech. specialist, the high school librarian, and the high school principal attended three days of intensive technology training in August 2001. The district contracted with SchoolKit, Inc. to provide the training. In addition, each member of the training team was given a laptop computer; this team will in turn train the remainder of the teaching staff on technology integration techniques.

SuccessMaker Internet Software
The district has purchased a one-year subscription for SuccessMaker Internet software. This software will be used in Grades 6, 7, and 8 beginning with the 2002 school year and will allow students to work independently on activities designed to help them meet the Pennsylvania Academic Standards in Reading, Writing, and and Math. The students will be able to access the software via the Internet from home as well as from school.

Laptop Labs
The district also purchased three mobile wireless laptop labs, one each for Grades 6, 7, and 8. The labs will be used with the SuccessMaker Internet software as well as to increase computer access for technology integration in all subject areas. Each lab consists of:

  • Datamation cart with swivel wheels and theft-resistant locks (holds 30 laptops)
  • 26 Compaq Armada 100 laptop computers (700 MHz, 128 mgs ram)
  • 24-port 10/100 switch
  • 300 BT HP print server
  • Scan converter
  • Logitech presentation wireless mouse
  • HDTV 36" TV with S-video
  • 2 Compaq 11 mps access points

Total cost per cart--about $36,000